1and1 Email Settings For iPhone

select mail-1and1 Email Settings Iphone

The updating of email for 1and1.com is difficult sometimes when you use an iPhone. Here is the step to step guide to follow in order to set up 1and1 email using iPhone

The guide is to make a user “confusion-free” while using the iPhone operator for updating email settings on 1and 1. The one platform helping to make your data personalized and secure is now simple to maintain. An unsuccessful attempt in making an email set up will be suggested with more go through with the necessary steps to make your 1and1 email account set up.

The goal is to make a pre hand overview with IMAP and pop seven server mail settings. Steps may be different from the exact ones but simple to follow.

  • Select the settings on your device
  • You can move down and choose Passwords and Accounts
Passwords and Accounts-1and1 Email Settings Iphone
  • Tap to choose Add Account
Add Account-1and1 Email Settings Iphone
  • Select “Other” from the list appearing on the screen
select other from the menu-1and1 Email Settings Iphone
  • Choose “Add mail account”
select mail-1and1 Email Settings Iphone
  • Enter all the relevant information including:-
  1. Name – Your username for the 1and1.com account
  2. Email:- Add your 1and1.com email id
  3. Password:- Type your 1and1.com email password
  4. Description: Add the description in the dialogue box

1and1 email IMAP Settings

 Incoming Mail Server

  • Hostname:- imap.inos.com
  • Username:- Your 1and1.com account username
  • Password: Chosen password

Outgoing Mail Server step to step functioning

  • Hostname: sntp.ionos.com
  • Username: 1and1.com account username
  • Password: selected password

1and1 Email SMTP Settings

Below is the main server select smtp.1and1.com and assured of the following information

  • SSL: SSL
  • SSL Port: 587

Click on done and go to the previous screen and select the advanced tab 

  • SSL: SSL
  • SSL Port: imap.1and1.com 

You are now required to go back to the previous screen.

Select Finish and Restart your iPhone for using the set up 1and1 email account.

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