Fix AOL Mail Not Working On Android

Fix AOL Mail Not Working On Android

Are you facing a problem with your AOL mail? If your AOL mail on Android not working, don’t panic. Check out how to fix AOL Mail On Android by following these simple troubleshooting tips.

How To Fix When AOL Email Not Working On Android Phone

If your AOL Verizon is not working on Android, then try these steps then you can get your mail working again. If you are facing any issue during AOL sign in or during adding an account on your AOL mail app, all you need is to reset your password. If the AOL Mail On Android is Not Working then install google chrome or chrome based browser which enables you to sign in. Some other common steps to do are:

Update Your Android Device Software:

AOL mail works best with the updated version of your Android device. If you face this AOL Mail On Android is Not Working on the device software, then open settings on your Android device. 

  • Turn on network connection on your device
  • Open Settings and check for About Phone Option
Update Your Android device Software- About Phone Option
  • Check with the manufacturer for specific instructions to your device
  • Tap on Software update option
  • Your device software will be updated soon.

These steps help you when your Verizon AOL Mail Not Working.

Try Force stopping and Restarting the Device:

Force stopping also helps in some cases which helps you to start the AOL app fresh with sign in. This step is a verified one for 4.4 and later versions when AOL Mail On Android Not Working.

  • Open the Settings app on your android device when your AOL Mail On Android Not Working 2018.
  • Tap on Apps option.
Fix When AOL Mail Account Not Working On Android- Setting to app
  • Search for AOL and Tap on it
  • Tap on Force Stop option which appears on the upper side.
  • If the app prompts again, tap Force Stop option again to confirm.
Fix When AOL Mail Account Not Working On Android- Tap on Force Stop
  • Relaunch the AOL app and try attempting to reproduce the issue

Delete and Install the AOL app Again:

Deleting and Installing the app again allows the app to work with updated features. 

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device, when the AOL Verizon Mail Not Working.
  • Tap on Apps option
  • Search for AOL app and open it
  • Tap on the option Uninstall option
  • A window popups asking “Do you want to uninstall the app”, then press Ok
  • Now go to Play store and install the AOL app again.

You can also find here a detailed guide to fix issues such as AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone and AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook pro. The guide will provide you with multiple possible solutions to fix a specific problem. The steps are easy to follow and execute, you don’t need any technical expertise.

If the AOL mail on android not working error still prevails even after following all the possible solutions as aforementioned, you can get in touch with our technical team through live chat support for further assistance. You are most welcome with all your AOL mail related queries and issues, Our team is ready to tackle all 24*7.

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