Fix Http Error 504 Gateway Timeout In AOL Mail

Error 504 Gateway Timeout In AOL Mail

AOL mail is a cost-free web email service provided by a division of Verizon Communications, AOL. AOL mail is a web application (email, webmail) type of a website. It is also available in 54 different languages. It is a commercial web email service provider.

The Http Error 594 gateway timeout is an error in which one server does not receive a response from the other server while attempting to gain access to the webpage or to fulfil a request by the browser. The error is also called as “504 gateway timeout failure” and is the Http code.

The error 594 gateway time out is faced by many other email service providers. There are several errors present that are faced while using online services. One of the most commonly occurring problems is Http Error 504 gateway time way.

While you use any mail service or AOL mail, most of the users commonly come across with the error that is Http Error 504 AOL Mail.

There are several reasons behind AOL Mail 504 Gateway Timeout error. Let us see the probable, possible reasons behind the AOL Mail 504 Error.

What causes the Http Error 504 in AOL Mail?

  1. The error or problem in the users’ computer or the respective device can cause this type of error in AOL mail.
  2. Sometimes there is a network problem that becomes the reason for the occurrence of AOL Mail Error 504.
  3. The complications or problems in the device of the user might cause this type of error, but it rarely occurs, most of the times an email server error can cause Http error 504 in AOL mail.
  4. Sometimes this type of error arises due to the improper functioning of the email service.
  5. The problems in the proxy settings can also contribute to this kind of errors In AOL Mail.
  6. Problems with the actual or central server can result in this type of error.
  7. In some areas, the signals of the internet connection are not good, which will, in turn, affect your work and can cause the error 504 gateway timeout.
  8. Incorrect DNS problem might also be responsible for such errors in some cases.
  9. In some rare cases, the problem in the internet service provider (ISP) can result in the occurrence of this type of error message
  10. If your AOL mail account is left unattended and inactive for nearly 90 days, it might become deactivated due to which the emails sent to it may not get delivered and get returned to the sender. This might also cause Http Error 504 in AOL mail.

These are some of the common leading causes behind the Http error 504 in AOL mail.

Remedies for fixing the Http Error 504 in AOL mail:

Here is the information about some remedies which will help you to solve the 504 gateway timeout AOL mail.

  • The problem in the user device can also cause this type of error. When you face this type of error on the respective device that you are using, then just restart your device to solve this error.
  • Try to close and reopen the web page because sometimes if you reopen by retrying, the error can get solved.
  • Refresh the current web page by pressing the F5 key or by choosing the refreshing option in your browser.
  • Look out for the problems in the proxy settings if present in your device.
  • Uninstall and reinstall your web browser or try to use different web browsers, it might help to solve the error.
  • Try to use a different ISP if it’s possible.
  • Try to use it from different devices.

If the error remains even after following these steps, then you must consult to the AOL Mail Chat team as they will help and guide you to resolve the errors.

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Brenda Hurdle
Brenda Hurdle
2 years ago

Why am I getting 504 &502 Error messages when I try to sign into my aol? It is not letting me sign in!