AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

AOL mail services work quite well but sometimes, the users report about many problems such as AOL mail not receiving emails problem, can’t access AOL mail, AOL mail not working on iPhone, and many other problems as well.

AOL has a program of tracking the spam mails from any scammer. If a user receives the email with the same content repeatedly every day or two days, AOL filters this content before it reaches the user’s email inbox. This way AOL makes sure that the users’ data is safe through their service. As it is essential for a service provider to ensure all users data safety and that it does not fall into any wrong hands.

One of the other reasons for the AOL mail not receiving emails is some incorrect settings or sometimes email server problems. In the case of an email server problem, a user could not do anything other than the manual changes. In the below article, we will discuss the reasons and a stepwise solution to fix AOL mail not receiving emails problem. All the steps are easy to follow and execute, you do not need any technical expertise.

Reasons - Why am i not Receiving my AOL emails

If you are thinking about why am I not receiving my AOL emails or you can’t receive AOL mail, then there may be multiple reasons behind this problem and some of them are listed below:

  • Mails may go to the spam folder.
  • Maybe the sender is blocked by you.
  • There may be a communication gap between the server and the clients.
  • The AOL server may fail, although this happens very rarely. 
  • There may be a server problem between the sender and the receiver.

If the user is repeatedly reporting that my AOL account is not receiving emails, then there may be other reasons as well for this problem but the aforementioned reasons are the most common of the lot. 

What to do When AOL Mail Can’t Receive Emails?

If you can’t receive AOL mail, make sure the servers are working properly. If the servers are down, please wait for a few moments till the servers are up and running properly again. If the server issue is not the reason behind the problem of not receiving AOL emails, you can do the following :

Check Email Filters

Most of the time when users are unable to receive mail or complain that AOL not receiving email from Gmail, other than slow servers, it may be because of the certain filters that they use to keep themselves safe from suspicious messages. To resolve this issue In AOL Mail, you can follow the below steps:

  • Sign in to your AOL account using the necessary details.
  • Go to account settings and select the filter settings.
Choose Filter Settings- AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails
  • Check if there are any email filters applied on the list.
  • If you find any filters, delete them. You should be able to receive emails now.

Research About Delivery Delays

Secondly, there are fewer times when you are not able to receive emails due to delivery delays. In those cases, you cannot possibly do anything but wait. It is mostly caused by bad network connections, heavy network traffic, and, sometimes, routing problems. It’s better not to fret about it when it happens and wait for a few moments till it is solved or ask the sender to resend it, describing the predicament you are in.

Check Spam or Junk Folders

Sometimes, few emails are redirected to the Spam or junk folders, to avoid any kind of data misuse. If you are sure that the Email should not be on the spam or junk folders, you can follow the following steps to prevent it from going on the spam folder:

  • Check if there are any email filters applied on the list.
  • If you find any filters, delete them. You should be able to receive emails now.
Choose Spam Folder- AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails
  • Check the boxes against the emails that you are sure are not spams,
  • Select the button that is labeled ‘Not Spam.’
labeled ‘Not Spam.’- aol mail not receiving emails

This will stop sending essential messages to the spam folder. If you are sure that all these pointers are okay, make sure the email account from which you are expecting an mail is not on your blocked contact list. It is very unlikely but not impossible. When all these reasons check off, you should be able to receive AOL emails properly.

You can also have a look at more articles covering the different possible methods to Block emails on AOL and to fix the AOL mail authentication problem.

If you still can't receive AOL mail, you can get in touch with our technical team through the live chat support. Our team is ready to provide assistance 24*7 as we believe in achieving greater customer satisfaction.

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