How to Change AOL Password?

change AOL password

You might want to change your AOL password for security and other common reasons. But since email giant AOL's official website does not carry any AOL mail change password tab, a sudden and unexpected "change AOL password" command may catch you off guard.

So to help you crack “how to change AOL password” mystery, we have got you a detailed guide to change AOL email password. All the steps are easy to follow and execute. You do not require any technical expertise for their execution.

Just remember your AOL screen name and follow the below-mentioned steps carefully for a quick AOL mail password reset.

  • So to find an answer to "how to reset an AOL password" question, firstly open a web browser in your system and then you need to login to your AOL    mail by using your AOL mail id and password.
  • Now, click on your name (located in the upper right side of the screen) to access your account information.
  • Go to the left panel and select “Account Security”.
Select “Account Security”- change AOL password
  • Click on the “How you sign in” section and then select “Change password” option. 
Select “How you sign in” - change AOL password
  • Enter a strong password that is easy to remember also.
  • Click on the continue button for a quick AOL email password reset.
  • After following all the aforementioned steps, you will be able to change your AOL password successfully.

How to change AOL password on iPhone?

Do you have “how to change AOL password on iPhone” question on your mind? No worries. Find below your stepwise guide to change AOL password on iPhoneJust follow these simple steps and get going.

  • Open the AOL app on your iPhone device for email password reset.
  • Go to the settings (located in the lower-right section of the screen).
  • Go to the support section and click on the “privacy dashboard” option.
Click on “privacy dashboard” option - change AOL password iPhone
  • Click on the “your account” tab. 
  • You will find the 3 horizontal line menu icon on the “Personal Info” page, click on it.
Click on “your account” - change AOL password iPhone
  • Now select the option of “Account security”.
  • Click on the “Change password” or "reset my AOL password" option.
Option of “Account security”. - change AOL password iPhone
  • Click on the password field box and then enter the new password as per your choice, you are required to enter the new password twice for confirmation.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
Click “Continue” button - change AOL password iPhone
  • In the end, you will see a recovery email and phone number addition screen (it is optional). Click on “Looks good” or “Done” option for AOL password reset.

Quick Tips for choosing a New Password for your AOL email account:

Long character passwords are harder to crack than short character ones. At the same time, passwords having more characters are hard to remember, which can later be the reason to change AOL email password.

So here are some of the quick tips to create a strong new password:

  • Use a brief sentence that you can remember without any spaces.
  • Capitalize the first word of your sentence.
  • Try using two or more numbers or special characters in your new passwords. You can use them at the end or starting or even in the middle of your new password.
  • Create a password that is easy to remember.
  • For better security, try changing your password every three to six months.
  • Use antivirus software regularly and beware of your surroundings while accessing the mail.

Apart from topics such as how to change AOL password?, you can find a range of other articles also covering AOL mail not receiving problem. These articles can be really helpful for you at times as you will find a detailed guide to solve multiple AOL mail related problems.

If you still have any queries or doubts related to AOL mail password reset, you can get in touch with our technical team through live chat support. Our team is ready to welcome all your AOL password reset queries and doubts 24*7, you will get quality assistance and guidance for AOL password reset.

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