How To Delete A Folder In AOL Mail

how to delete a folder in aol mail

AOL mail helps the user to make their experience the best while using the mail. In order to that, they make many advancements day by day. One of them is, it avails to make separate folders for user convenience. Sometimes there might be some folders that may be irrelevant at a stage where you want to delete the entire folder. Keeping them for longer periods may occupy the mail space which may lead to insufficient storage. You may think How To Delete A Folder In AOL Mail and we are framing it here in simple steps.

Before the thought of How To Delete AOL Mail Folders, you have to recheck the folders for any important emails. Once the deletion process is done, you will never have an option to restore them. All the emails in the folder and the attachments of them will be deleted permanently.

Check out this article to know How Do I Delete A Folder In AOL Mail.

  • In your web browser, open AOL page and log in to your AOL account using the credentials.
How To Delete A Folder In AOL Mail- Sign in  to Aol Mail Account
  • After logging in, you can see the list of folders on the left side of your mail page.
  • Select settings option on the right side upper corner of the page
How To Delete A Folder In AOL Mail- select Settings.
  • After selecting the settings option, navigate to delete option and click on it, A window pops up stating, that the folder isn't empty.
How To Delete Folders In AOL Mail- navigate to delete option
  • Tap on OK  when the window pops up which enables to start the folder delete process
  • This step by step process also answers you to know How To Delete Folders In AOL Mail.

You can also rename the folder without deleting. Follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Click on the settings option that is located on the right side upper corner of the page.
  • Open edit folder option which pops up after choosing the settings option.
How To Delete Folders In AOL Mail- Edit option
  • You can enter the new name of the folder and click on OK.
  • Tap on Save option to apply the changes.

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