How to Fix AOL Problem While Sending Email Issue?

Fix AOL Mail Problems In Sending Mail

Are you facing AOL mail problems while sending emails? Well, these problems are faced by many and the users keep on reporting about AOL problems in sending emails, AOL email not sending, AOL email not sending on iPhone, etc. You will find the perfect solutions to fix all these errors in the article below. The stepwise solutions are 100% working and you don’t need any technical expertise to follow and execute the steps. Before moving ahead with the solutions, know about the AOL mail and its features below.

AOL mail service provides a splendid experience to millions of its users and has numerous delightful features incorporated in it, which are as follows:

  • It provides a 25 MB Email attachment limit.
  • It can have a maximum of 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages, 4000 sent messages per screen, or say a total of 250 GB maximum mailbox size.
  • It provides spam protection like it has a spam box which will contain all the spam messages.
  • It provides virus protection which will prevent your mailbox from getting infected by malware.
  • It provides a security suite firewall that helps you to prevent hackers from stealing your private or sensitive or confidential information.
  • It supports protocols like POP3, SMTP, IMAP.
  • It provides a mail “unsend” option.
  • It is a very safe and reliable email service provider that millions of users are enjoying.

Despite having a plethora of useful features, sometimes AOL makes it inconvenient for the users to enjoy the benefits of the AOL mail. Sometimes, the users are unable to add attachments like documents, images, videos, etc. to their mail. It may happen due to a few cases, but no need to worry. You just need to execute certain steps to fix that. There are some easy and quick troubleshooting steps that you can follow and combat with the “ aol mail problems while sending email ” problem.

Follow the below-mentioned methods to fix the “AOL email not sending” issues:

Retry: Just don’t panic and try again to send the mail. It may sometimes happen due to a slow internet connection.

Reboot the system: The fundamental and primary step that you need to make is to restart your computer. This helps to clear the internal memory from the computer.

Check your browser: Using an outdated browser may result in AOL mail problems while sending and accessing emails. Make sure to update or download a new browser.

Verify your display name: If your display name consists “AOL” word in it, kindly remove it because, with such display name, AOL cannot send mail to anyone and will create problems if you don’t change your display name.

Delete the browser’s cache: Clear all the cookies, cache, and footprints if any available there. This will help to remove all the unwanted stuff from the browser and set the browser to its original state and make the browser work better.

Disable pop-up blocking software: When the pop-ups are blocked, it makes it difficult for the AOL to run smoothly. It may restrict you from sending the mail. You may contact your software vendor to take help in disabling the software temporarily. Most browsers allow you to disable it on your own by holding the Shift key.

Disable Firewall: Firewall restricts the hackers to access the computer online and prevents them from infecting the computer or stealing the confidential information from the computer. But temporarily you need to disable it to know if it’s the firewall or something else that is causing the AOL mail problems while sending or accessing emails.

Follow the aforementioned solutions/methods and get rid of the “aol mail problems while sending emails ” problems in just a few minutes.

How to fix AOL email not sending on iPhone?

Below are the multiple methods/solutions that you can try to fix the issue of AOL email not sending on the iPhone. The methods are tried and tested, you won’t face any AOL mail problems while sending or receiving emails after following the below-mentioned methods. The methods are effective for most of the ios devices.

Update your iPhone’s software: If you are facing the AOL mail problems while sending on your iPhone, then you can try updating your ios version as the AOL mail application works fine with the latest version of the ios. Most of the issues and problems are resolved just by updating the ios software.

Force stop and restart the AOL mail app: You can also try the method of force stopping and then restarting the AOL mail app again to fix the issue of AOL email not sending. Just follow the steps as mentioned below and you are good to go.

  • Double click on the Home button of your iPhone.
  • Now, you need to swipe up on the icon of the AOL mail app.
  • In the end, restart the AOL mail app and check if the issue is still there or not.  

Delete the AOL mail app and reinstall it: If the aforementioned methods were not helpful, you can move forward with the steps mentioned below to delete and reinstall the AOL mail app again. The steps won’t take your much time and effort.

  • Firstly, you need to touch and hold the AOL mail app icon on your iPhone to get the uninstall option.
  • Now, touch on the “X” mark, you will find it on the edge of the AOL mail application icon.
  • Touch on the “Delete” button.
  • Press the Home button of your iPhone to lock your device again.
  • In the end, download and re-install the AOL mail application on your iPhone device.

The aforementioned methods/solutions will definitely help you in fixing the problems such as AOL email not sending and aol not sending emails on iPhone. You can keep trying all the methods until the desired output is achieved. Besides this topic, we have also covered multiple possible solutions for problems such as AOL mail not receiving emails and AOL mail not working on iPhone. You will find that all the solutions and methods are divided into steps as the stepwise procedure makes it relatively easier to be followed and executed.  

Having any further queries or stuck somewhere? Need not worry, connect with our technical team through the live chat support and get all your queries and problems resolved in a matter of minutes. Throw any challenge to our technical team and they will provide you with the exact solution and fix for the same. Our technical team is available at your service 24*7 as we believe in achieving greater customer satisfaction and trust.      

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