How To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail Account

How To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail Account

Gmail generally possesses two wide varieties of ways for forwarding messages from the AOL, either you can use it as a consolidated or move the mail entirely. Forwarding the emails on Gmail is the best idea while you are closing your AOL mail account permanently or temporarily. Here are the advantages you get if you forward AOL Mail to Gmail:

  • It enables you to move your entire emails, including contacts, calendar, and new emails for a month. 
  • Forwarding all the emails to Gmail will make it easy to access. 
  • Important emails don’t get lost as even if you lose them from your AOL account, in Gmail it is still there.

There are many more benefits to this, if you are thinking to forward AOL Mail To Gmail then this is the best article to go through. This article consists of the solutions to all your queries like Can I Forward AOL Mail To Gmail? Many of you face complications like AOL mail problems in sending mail or forwarding emails, that happens when you have not been well-guided. explains methods with clarity. Hence, perform one or more of the following procedures in order to forward all AOL emails to a Gmail account.

How To Forward AOL Mail & Contacts To Gmail?

This forwarding technique enables you to copy all the older mails in the AOL mailbox so that you can close your AOL mail without losing any data. This forwarding technique works only for a month that is 30 days. However, it might be a poor choice if you continue to use the AOL mail. To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail Account, follow these simple steps:

  • To start forwarding, click on the gear button on the Gmail which appears on the right side corner of your Gmail.
  • Then click on settings and move on to the “Accounts and Import” option.
Forward AOL Mail To Gmail- Accounts and Import option
  • Later, choose “Import mail and contacts”.
  • In the tab, enter your AOL mail address and Password.
  • Next, select the things that you wanted to get imported to Gmail.
Select the things -Forward AOL Mail To Gmail
  • Gmail provides you with three different check-boxes where you can select to forward contacts, new emails and old emails for 30 days.
  • Finally, click on the option Import

How to check AOL Emails on Gmail:

  • All you have to do is open “accounts and import” and “Add POP3 mail account to your own account”. this method helps you in forwarding the emails indefinitely.
 Add POP3 mail account -Check AOL emails on Gmail
  • Type your AOL email id and password.
  • Then check the box “Label Incoming Messages” which helps you to forward all the AOL emails to Gmail and also helps you to separate from normal mails.
  • Before selecting the add account option, tap on “leave a copy” which enables to leave a copy of the mail in your AOL too.

Now, you all know how to forward AOL mail to Gmail account, don’t you? After following the most efficient methods with easy to execute steps, who would not be able to learn? In case, you are still can not forward the emails of AOL to Gmail, worry not! Connect with Emailsfix experts and let them tackle everything. They can fix any error of queries related to AOL mail, even the tougher ones like How to Delete AOL Account, AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro etc. Our services have been appreciated by customers all over the world. Try us and believe it yourself!

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3 years ago

I have followed all the mentioned steps needed to forward aol mail to gmail. I have also rechecked all the steps and everything is as per the mentioned information but then also i am not able to forward my aol mail to gmail. please suggest what to do?

1 year ago

I don’t have an AOL account but I keep getting these emails from random senders to my gmail and in the “to” and “cc” fields I see AOL email address that is same as my gmail id. All of those emails are marketing emails.
I wonder how that is happening.

2 years ago

Great website. I was able to forward my aol mail to gmail without much hassle. The process here is divided into multiple steps that are simple to understand and execute. Anyone can perform the settings on their own, you don’t need an expert to take charge. I just followed all the steps as mentioned and everything worked fine.