How to Delete Hotmail Account? A Complete Guide

How to Delete Hotmail Account

You may want to explore our “how to delete Hotmail account” guide for you are tired of those unwanted spams and junk emails that kind of choke your account quite often or, maybe, you just don’t want it now--as simple as that. Whatever be the reason, you got to keep two things in mind before finally trying to delete Hotmail account. Here are they: 

  • Firstly, it is really you and someone else is not trying to attempt a tailgate on your account.
  • Secondly, make sure that you backup your data.

The following “how to delete Hotmail account” guide is quite easy to understand and apply. However, you must know certain things to avoid any confusion later such as to protect your account from being accidentally deleted, Microsoft will ask you certain security questions to verify your identity. 

Things to Do Before Making Up Your Mind to Delete Hotmail Account 

If you have been thinking how to delete Hotmail email account lately, then loads of things must have passed your imagination already. For example, once you have your old Hotmail account deleted, you will have to sign in to add-on Microsoft products and services since it simply deletes any services associated with Hotmail including: 

  • OneDrive Access
  • Xbox Live
  • SkypeID
  • account
  •, Hotmail, Live and MSN email clients service provider

Users cannot delete one of its services and keep others.

So before even the “how to delete my Hotmail account” question pops in your head, take some time to introspect. Get rid of your subscriptions on Microsoft products and back up your important documents. 

Here are some important points to consider before the “how to delete my Hotmail account” question comes to your mind:

  • Exhaust all the Balance Available in Your Account - Spend all your remaining money available in your Microsoft account by spending on any digital product or services. To know how much money is in your Microsoft account, sign in to the Microsoft account online platform. One can also check any unused credit balance in their Skype account. Once you delete Hotmail account, you cannot reuse any available credit.
  • Get Rid of Any Subscription Associated with Your Account - If you have any subscription to your Hotmail account such as Xbox Live Gold, ad-free email account, etc, you won’t be able to access anymore once you delete Hotmail account. To cancel your all Microsoft subscription, do the following:
  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account and go to the ‘Services & Subscription’ option.
  2. To cancel all your paid subscriptions, click on the subscription to see what all services you have signed up to. 
  3. Select Payment & Billing which appears under the name of subscription that you want to cancel. 
  4. Click on the ‘Cancel’ button to proceed.
  • Notify People About How They Can Reach You - Set up an automatic reply that will let your contacts know that your account is getting closed. To set up an automatic reply, do the following:
  1. Sign in to your inbox.
  2. Click on the Options icon, and then select Options from the list.
  3. Under the ‘Manage your account’ section, select the ‘automated vacation replies’ and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Users can also opt for ‘Email forwarding’ under the same ‘Manage your account’ section to send any email you receive in the Hotmail inbox that can directly be sent to your new email client service provider. 

  • Save Important Data or Diles - Once you have your account deleted, you won’t be able to use any existing Microsoft service to store any file or information. So it is advisable to back them all up. Some of the files you would want to back up are: 
  1. Email, documents, and snaps that you’ve stored in Hotmail, Outlook, or OneDrive.
  2. Payment information at
  3. All the bills and receipts related to Microsoft products purchase.
  4. Portfolio files and data from MSN Money.
  5. All the contacts added to your Hotmail, Outlook, Live,  MSN, and SkypeID.
  6. Product keys that you have purchased with the help of your Hotmail or any other Microsoft account.

Please note that you cannot backup some data after permanently deleting the Hotmail account. 

  • Learn to Access Microsoft Devices - Devices such as Windows phone, operating system 8.1 or more, Surface tablets and Xbox consoles, works best in sync with Hotmail or any other Microsoft account. Before you delete Hotmail account, sign up with another Hotmail or any alternate account so that you can still sign-in and be able to use all apps and features. 
  • Do not Forget to Manage your Kid’s Account - Once your Hotmail account was deleted your child’s account stays active. However, they would be barred from the sign in to Xbox, or Windows phones until they get approval from another parent’s account.

How to Permanently Delete the Hotmail Account? Step by Step instructions :

So if you have been thinking that how can you delete your Hotmail account, then without any further ado, let’s dig into the following guide: 

  • Launch Microsoft online account platform.
  • Go to close your account.
  • You would be prompted to sign-in to your account. Please ensure before sign-in that this is the Hotmail account that you want to be scrapped.
  • You would be redirected to a page that shows your Hotmail account. Verify the account and click on the Next button.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction, read the entire list, and click on the checkboxes to agree to terms and conditions.
  • Select one of the reasons to delete the Hotmail account from the drop-down list by clicking on the  ‘Select a reason’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Mark account for closure’.

Once done, Microsoft will take at least 60 days to permanently delete Hotmail account.

How to Delete Hotmail Account from Android?

Delete Hotmail account from your any Android smartphone using the following steps :

  • Launch your Hotmail or any other Microsoft application on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Settings icon and go to the ‘Accounts’ tab.
  • Now select the ‘advanced account settings’.
  • Tap on the ‘remove account’ button.
  • You would be prompt to confirm once again. Click on OK to button to proceed.

This is how Hotmail account emails can be deleted from your android powered smartphones.

How to Delete the Hotmail Account on iPhone?

Let’s talk about another smartphone which is iOS operated and how can you delete your Hotmail account on your iPhones as well as iPad. 

Any Hotmail or Microsoft affiliated email account can be accessed via Mail app in iPhones or iPad. To delete an email account, one has to launch the Settings app not the Mail app. Do the following :

  • Tap on the gear icon on your iPhone to launch Settings.
  • Tap Passwords & Accounts.
Tap Passwords & Accounts - How to Delete Hotmail Account
  • Select your Hotmail account which is due to be removed.
  • Tap delete account.
  • You would be prompted once again to confirm the new changes. Tap Ok to confirm.

If you’re wondering how to delete Hotmail account on iPad, all the iOS device interface is exactly the same as the iPhone. Follow the above instructions in the same way as mentioned.

After you Delete Hotmail Account:

Once a user will select the ‘Mark account for closure’ to delete the Hotmail account, Microsoft will give 60 days before permanently deleting your account in case the user changes their mind.

During this buffer period, your Hotmail or any other Microsoft account has processed towards closure but it is still active. 

Any user wants to reactivate a deleted Hotmail account, he or she can simply sign in again within 60-dau buffer period. 

Microsoft will revoke the account closure request, all the subscriptions and the services will remain intact as it was before.

How Can I Retrieve Deleted Emails from My Hotmail Account?

After deleting the Hotmail account, the user can simply recover the deleted emails until 60 days from the closure request. Here are the steps :

  • Log in to your Hotmail account. Click on the icon on the top-left side. Find the ‘Deleted’ option from the list.
  • It will give you all the emails that you have trashed while accessing the Hotmail email inbox all this while.
  • Select the email that you want to recover. At the header, click on the ‘Move to’ tab. The drop-down menu will appear that will ask you to move the particular email in the inbox or any other folder you want. 

This is how you can quickly recover from a deleted Hotmail account. 

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Hotmail Account?

There is also a way to recover emails that were trashed from the Deleted folder in your Hotmail email account. Here are the steps to follow to get them back:

  • Log in to your Hotmail account.
  • Click on the deleted tab and the chances are you would not see any emails in this folder because you’ve already scrapped them.
  • Scroll at the end of the page. Users will see an option that says, ‘recovered deleted messages’ in blue highlights. Click on it to proceed.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and one can actually restore all the deleted emails. The email would again move to the ‘Deleted’ folder. 

How to Recover a Hotmail Account That Has Been Deleted?

Users note that one can recover any emails within 60 days from the closure request. One cannot recover or reactivate a deleted Hotmail account.

We can understand that deleting a Hotmail account procedure is a little complicated since you are not only deleting your email service but a lot of add-ons and subscriptions linked with it. Therefore, feel free to reach our tech support team 24*7 to get your related queries and concerns resolved. Give us an opportunity to serve you for all other Hotmail related issues such as Hotmail not working, retrieving an existing Hotmail email password, and a lot more.

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