ATT.Net Email Settings

ATT.NET Email Settings

If you have been looking for att net email settings, then you have come to the right place. This article will take you through all the steps involved in setting up an Att net email on your system. Many of you may not be knowing about the correct att email settings and there is nothing wrong with this, we all have to learn the process that we are doing for the first time. Below mentioned steps will definitely help you in knowing the exact att email settings and setting up your account successfully on different devices and email clients. The steps are really easy, anyone can follow and execute them, no need for technical expertise. Just keep on following the below-mentioned steps as per your email client and device type and your account will be configured successfully within a few minutes.

ATT.NET Email IMAP Server Settings

ATT.Net Email IMAP Settings

The ATT email settings using IMAP are mentioned below, you need to apply these settings in order to use the incoming email services without any problem:-

  • The account type should be IMAP
  • For username, enter your ATT email address
  • Enter the password for the username

For the incoming server, the hostname should be imap.mail.att

  • The server port value should be 993
  • For authentication, enter your username and password.
  • Put yes, for SSL/TLS.

After applying the aforementioned email IMAP settings, you will be able to enjoy the att incoming mail services.

ATT.NET Email SMTP Server Settings

ATT.Net Email SMTP Settings

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply the required Outgoing(SMTP) server setting for ATT. 

  • The account type should be ‘SMTP.’
  • For username, use your email id
  • Use your ATT password
  • The server hostname should be
  • The server port value should be 465
  • Use your email address and password for authentication
  • Put ‘yes’ when prompted for SSL/TLS

When you apply the email SMTP settings, you get the freedom to use att outgoing email services without any issue.

ATT.NET Email POP3 Server Settings

POP3 Settings for ATT.Net Email

Find below the POP3 settings for ATT email that you need to apply for being able to use the att email services on your device or email client:-

If you choose to go with the POP3 settings, enter the incoming server settings as below:-

  • The ATT pop3 incoming mail server should show
  • The server value should be 995

For POP3 SMTP outgoing mail server information, enter the following:-

  • The outgoing mail server should reflect ‘’
  • The port value should be 465
  • Make sure to checkmark the ‘requires authentication’ box 

The above-mentioned settings are typically used when you automatically set up an email account, the settings will work perfectly. But for manual setup, the steps are a little different. For further queries, you can call or send an email to us.

ATT Yahoo Email Settings For Outlook

ATT.Net Yahoo Email Account Settings For Outlook & Iphone
ATT.Net Yahoo Email Account Settings For Outlook & Iphone

Find below the ATT.Net Yahoo Email Account Settings For Outlook & iPhone, the settings are tried and tested, you can just follow the simple steps to successfully configure your email account.

Yahoo and ATT.Net email account holders would definitely appreciate the idea of accessing important emails or send reply even when they are on-the-go. Configuration of ATT.Net Yahoo Email on Outlook helps you in quick access to emails wherever you are.

Step-by-step directions have been provided here to sync ATT.Net yahoo email accounts on Outlook.

ATT Email Settings for Outlook 2010

Below mentioned are the steps that will help you in the automatic setup of your att email account on Outlook 2010.

  • Click on the outlook link and open the web page
Outlook Launch- Outlook 2010 Settings
  • Go through the new option and select file
  • Click on Information and account settings
Click on Info and account settings - Outlook 2010 Account Settings
  • Later you will come across Auto Account Set up
Auto Account Setup - Outlook 2010 Account Settings
  • You will be given few warning messages on account set up
  • Move ahead and click allow then choose yes below
warning messages on account set up - Outlook 2010 Account Settings
  • Microsoft outlook 2010 automatically configures your account as an IMAP account with all the correct settings
  • Move ahead and click yes

The setting for automatic update for Outlook 2010 has been made and now you can enjoy the att email services on Outlook 2010.

ATT.Net Email Settings For Outlook 2013

Following are the automatic settings steps that can be followed by anyone as the process is easy and short.

  • Launch the outlook webpage and click on files
Launch the outlook website-ATT.Net Email Settings For Outlook 2013
  • Click on Info and account settings
click on Info and account settings now-ATT.Net Email Settings For Outlook 2013
  • A screen would pop up and requires filling of details for the Auto set up, By moving further click on “Next”
Fill Details and click next-ATT.Net Email Settings For Outlook 2013
  • Click on allow and choose yes
Click on allow and choose yes-ATT.Net Email Settings For Outlook 2013

Your outlook will auto-connect with IMAP account with all connected settings.

  • Step 4: Click on finish and choose OK

ATT Email Settings For Outlook 2016

An AT&T email setting regarding the latest version of Microsoft Outlook 2016 comes with recently updated settings. The steps are simple to follow and are in sequence form: –

  • Launch the outlook website
Launch the outlook website - ATT Email Settings for Outlook 2016
  • Signup for the new account
  • Go towards the left side and tab
  • Select top of the left bar of the web page
  • You can click on Info and account settings now
click on Info and account settings now - ATT Email Settings for Outlook 2016
  • Click Add Account.
Click Add Account - ATT Email Settings for Outlook 2016
  • And then, type your Email id
Type your Email id - ATT Email Settings for Outlook 2016
  • It will automatically select “IMAP” as your updated settings
Imap Settings - ATT Email Settings for Outlook 2016
  • Click on Connect.
  • Then Finish and close

Your auto set up for MS Outlook 2016 has been done and you can go through step by step procedure for complete setup updating.

ATT.NET Email Settings For Android Phone

  • Firstly, click on the option of Manual Set up

Manual Setup -ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Now, choose IMAP Account
Choose IMAP Acoount- ATT.NET-Set-Up-For-Android

IMAP ( Be sure to enter the below necessary settings and then click ok)

IMAP Server:
Security Type: None
Port: 993 for IMAP
Secure Port:  993
Security Type: SSL/TLS ( Accepted all certificate)
Incoming Port:  143
Security Type: None 
IMAP Server -ATT.NET Set Up For Android

Enter the below outgoing SMTP settings for ATT.NET and click Next

Outgoing Server (SMTP) 
Secured Port:465
secure type:SSL/TLS
Outgoing Server (SMTP roaming server) 
Secured Port:587
secure type: SSL/TLS
Incoming Port587
secure typeNone ( Accepted all certificates)

Once you have successfully followed the given steps, you’re email set up has been updated for the android version.

ATT.NET Email Settings For iPhone

Find below the steps for the set up ATT email on iPhone:

  • You need to go on the settings icon on your Home page
  • Then required to select Mail
  • Moving ahead select the account
select the account-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Then select add account
add-account-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Now you can select other from the menu
select-other-from-the-menu-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Once done with it add mail account
add-mail-acount-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Later enter all your necessary details including Name, Email and  then Press click “Next”
Fill Field Click Next-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Further, select IMAP and scroll down to Incoming Mail Server and then fill in all the required details 
  • It is necessary to do the same for the outgoing server as the screen below
  • Later on select “Next”
select IMAP and further details-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • You see prompt asking for “cannot verify server identify” then you can click continue.
Cannot verify server identify-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Save
Save-ATT.NET Set Up For Android
  • Select Your new account.
  •  Select the SMTP server.
SMTP-server-ATT.NET Set Up For Android

Also, make sure that:- 

Your username is the complete Email address

Added details 
Incoming server Host Name

Outgoing server Host name

Once all the above steps are followed in sequence, you can be satisfied with the updating of the email set up for the iPhone.

If you follow these aforementioned simple steps then you will be able to set up your account in a matter of minutes. Now, you can access all your AT&T emails on your Android and iPhone devices. 

If you are still not able to set up your account then you can reach out to our technical team through the live chat support for help and clarification. But we don’t think you will need it as after following the above-mentioned procedure carefully, you will be able to use the ATT email services on your device without any problem.

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