Bellsouth Email Not Working

Bellsouth Email Not Working, email not working, Bellsouth email not working on iPhone

Like any other well-known and popular email service provider, Bellsouth may also encounter different types of issues such as Bellsouth.Net email not working, Bellsouth email not working on iPhone, Bellsouth email password not working, etc. So, even after being a wonderful email service that puts efforts into providing its users with a stress-free experience, the whole process can become a challenging task at times. Hence, we have come up with this post to help you deal with this issue without any hassle. So, continue reading this to learn more. But before anything, just check out the following prerequisites that you will require fulfilling beforehand:

  • Firstly, make sure that the system is installed properly and update-to-date
  • Check whether your device is connected well with the strong yet stable internet connection
  • Run a scan to verify and locate any malware or virus
  • Check the browser to see if there is an issue with that
  • If you are using the Bellsouth app, then make sure you are using the latest and updated version

Now, you are ready to proceed further with the solutions that we are going to list down to fix the Bellsouth email not working on iPhone/ Android or Bellsouth email not working 2018 error.

Solutions to Fix Bellsouth Email Not Working Issue

Even though you can directly contact the tech support team of Bellsouth for your queries, the following will help you save a significant time as well as amount on the process. So, let us get started with the solutions now.

Solution 1:

Check Your server

Bellsouth Email Not Working, email not working, Bellsouth email not working on iPhone

This is a must check for you! It is because server outrage is one of the biggest reasons and plays a vital role in the Bellsouth net email not working error. Hence, you should check your server beforehand by using different sites or platforms for the same. With this, you will get to know whether your account server is down or not. In case it is down, make the most out of the platforms that help you know whether the site is down for others or only for you. If it is down for everyone, then Bellsouth will sort it out on its own or if it is down for you only, then you have to connect with them for professional support.

Solution 2:

Turn off all Security Programs

Bellsouth Email Not Working, email not working, Bellsouth email not working on iPhone

The chances are quite high that the Windows Firewall or the real-time antivirus is interfering or blocking the process of receiving and sending the mails. Thus, stop the interference or blockade by disabling them on a temporary basis. And once the Bellsouth email not working issue is resolved, you can download it again.

Solution 3:

Recover Your User ID & Password

We all know that apart from technical glitches, hacking is yet another reason why is my Bellsouth email not working! Hence, you should change your credentials from time-to-time. For this, you will need to follow the steps listed below:

Bellsouth Email Not Working, email not working, Bellsouth email not working on iPhone
  • Browse through the official website of Bellsouth and then go to the login page
  • Here, you will have to click on the “forget user ID” to go to the RECOVERY PAGE
  • When you are redirected to this page, choose the “USER ID and PASSWORD” option
  • Now, enter your recovery email or contact email along with the captcha code before clicking on the CONTINUE button
  • After this, you will get the Bellsouth User ID
  • Now, enter it in the required field to reset your Bellsouth password
  • Once you do it, try logging in with the new credentials
  • This thing will be needed to be done if you are getting the Bellsouth email password not working issue with your account

Solution 4:

Remove Unnecessary Browser Add-Ons

Some add-ons can also contribute to this issue and affect the process of getting and sending mails. Hence, remove programs contributing to this. You are also suggested to clear browser history along with the cookies and cache files through the SETTINGS > PRIVACY AND SECURITY > CLEAR DATA. After this, check by sending an email to yourself whether you are getting it or not!

Solution 5:

Check Your Block List

If you have tried the solutions listed above and still facing the same issue, then you should check your block list at least once. You might have blocked a user unknowingly. So, unblock them first through the following: JUNK MAIL > BLOCK SENDER TAB > REMOVE. If your Bellsouth net email is not working on an iPhone or Android device due to the block list, then it will start working after that.

Solution 6:

Browser Compatibility

Even after unblocking the contact, you are not able to send and receive the mails; you must check the browser compatibility. Sometimes, compatibility is the biggest reason why your Bellsouth email is not working on your device. Hence, you should check this aspect too.

Solution 7:

Check your Spam Folder

Sometimes, you get certain emails in the spam folder. Hence, check whether the emails are there in this folder or not. If you are getting them in this folder, then go to the settings to delete the filters applied that you might have created mistakenly or due to some unknown reasons to fix this error.

Solution 8:

Check the Storage

Sometimes, insufficient storage can be the reason for Bellsouth email not working issues. So, to keep this at bay, check what can be done or what can be deleted from your account to ‘free-up’ some space.

Solution 9:

Check Your Account’s Settings

It is quite important for you to check the forwarding settings to make sure they are disabled. It is essential because if you keep them enabled, the mails received will automatically be forwarded to other mail addresses.  

Solution 10:

Configure Bellsouth.Net in the third-party Mail Program

If the solutions listed above do not work for you, you will only have this option left – just configure your account in a third-party program such as Thunderbird or Outlook. These programs are the best to help you save from different issues and errors that you are or might be facing i.e. Bellsouth net email not working error.

So, these are the best ways to fix the Bellsouth email not working issues. In case you are not able to fix this issue even after trying these methods, you can get in touch with the technical support team of Bellsouth for the right assistance and professional guidance.

You can also find here a detailed guide for Bellsouth Email Password Reset Procedure and Bellsouth Email Settings.

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