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CenturyLink Email Login and Login Errors

CenturyLink offers speedy internet services and a lot more. To make the best of these services, a CenturyLink email login account will be needed. Do you know how to make your CenturyLink email account? We are here to teach you!

We’ll share with you various methods to make your CenturyLink email account. Additionally, we’ll show the methods to log in to your account securely, reset or change or retrieve account password if needed, retrieve your username, and also resolve any problems while logging in to your account.  

How to Create My CenturyLink Email Login Account?

Let us first learn to create your CenturyLink email login account. This can be done through 2 methods. The first method involves installing CenturyLink internet service. The second method requires you to visit the official website of CenturyLink and then create it. 

Method 1: Creating CenturyLink Account After Installing Service

For this method, you will be required to get the CenturyLink internet service and then install it. Once the installation is done, creating your email account will not take time. The 7 steps for this method are mentioned here. 

1. Install the CenturyLink service. 

2. Choose the option of "I want to create a new account as my login to my CenturyLink Home Page".

3. Press "Next".

4. Enter an email address and set a password.

5. Selecting one secret question is the next step.

6. Provide an answer to the selected secret question.

7. Press "Next".

Now, the creation of your CenturyLink net email login account is complete. 

Method 2: Creating CenturyLink Account via Website

In this method, we’ll go to the www.centurylink.net email login website. And then create an account from there. Go through the 6 steps given below to carry out this method. 

1. Open "centurylink.net".

2. On the top-right, press the green button for email.

3. Then press the green button for creating an account.

4. Set an email address. 

5. Also, set a new password.

6. Choose and answer a secret question. And that will be all!

What is the Procedure for CenturyLink Secure Email Login?

To check your emails, you will have to log in to your CenturyLink account. The procedure for webmail CenturyLink net email login is short and simple. You can do this procedure in just 6 steps. 

1. Go to the "Home Page" of CenturyLink.

2. Press the green button on the top-right for email.

3. Fill in your "Username".

4. Next, fill in your "Password".

5. Now, press the button for logging in.

sign in -centurylink net email login

6. Once logged in, check your emails successfully. 

How to Reset Password for My CenturyLink Email Login Account?

Do you think your CenturyLink net email login password may have been stolen? Or Resetting it will be a good thing to do. Let’s check out the 7 steps given below to reset the password of your CenturyLink account. 

1. Go to the CenturyLink password reset page.

2. Enter your "CenturyLink User Name".

3. Then enter your "Current Password".

4. Now, enter your "New Password".

5. Again enter your "New Password".

6. Click on "Save Changes".

7. Now, log in to your account with your new password.

How to Change Your CenturyLink Email Login Account Password?

Has the password of your CenturyLink email account become too old? Changing it will be a secure choice. For changing the password of your CenturyLink account, you can visit the CenturyLink email login homepage. And then change it from there. The steps of this method have been shown as follows. 

1. Go to the "CenturyLink Email Login Page".

2. Choose "My CenturyLink" menu from the top.

3. In the drop-down menu, tap on "Change Email Password".

4. In the new window that opens, provide your current password.

5. Now, set a new password.

6. Type your new password again to confirm.

7. Then click on "Save" to save your new account password.

Now, the password of your CenturyLink email account will have been changed. Log in to your account with your new password. 

How to Retrieve Webmail CenturyLink Net Email Login Password?

If you have forgotten the password for your personal CenturyLink email login or your CenturyLink employee email login? Retrieving it can help. Use the 16 steps given here for retrieving the username of your CenturyLink account. 

1. Go to "https://www.centurylink.com/business/login".

2. Click on "Forgot Password".

3. Choose the radio button for "I forgot my password". 

4. Fill in the "Control Center Username" in the "Username" field.

5. Enter the "Email Address" of your account in the "Email" field.

6. Choose "I'm not a robot".

7. Tap on "Submit".

8. Provide the answer to the security question.

9. Again press "Submit".

10. You will receive an email with a temporary password.

11. Then tap "Proceed to Login".

12. Go through the instructions in the email to restore your password. 

13. Now, go to the CenturyLink email login homepage of the Control Center.

14. Press "Login" and set a new password.

15. Enter the "Temporary Password" received on mail.

16. Then press "Submit & Go to Control Center".

Note: In case you have not pre-set a security question, then kindly get in touch with the "Control Center". You will be provided with quick help.

How to Retrieve Webmail CenturyLink Net Email Login Username?

“I have forgotten my CenturyLink secure email login username. What should I do now?” If you are in the same situation, then the best possible solution for you will be to retrieve your username. You can try this 9-step procedure given below for this purpose. 

1. Open "https://www.centurylink.com/business/login" on your browser.

2. Tap "Forgot Username".

3. Choose the radio button for "I forgot my username".

4. The email address linked to your Control Center username has to be entered in the "Email" field.

5. Tick "I'm not a robot".

6. You will receive an email carrying the instructions to retrieve your username. Follow these instructions.

7. Then open the CenturyLink email login home page of the Control Center.

8. Fill in your username as well as password.

9. Then press "Log in".

Why My CenturyLink Email Login Shows Error?

If you are finding any troubles with the CenturyLink email login page or while logging in to your account, then the following may be the reasons for this.

1. The password of your CenturyLink email account may have been hacked or stolen. That is why you may be unable to log in.

2. Your internet connection may be faulty. Thus, the CenturyLink embarqmail email login page may not be loading or loading too slowly.

3. You may not be entering the correct credentials of your CenturyLink email account.

4. The antivirus of your system may be causing problems with the login page.

5. You may be copying and pasting your username and password. Additional spaces get added in this case.

6. You may have saved an old password of your CenturyLink email login com account in your browser. You may be using this password instead of a new one for logging in.

7. The email configuration settings for CenturyLink may not be correct.

8. If you are using the CenturyLink email app, then the app may not be updated. 

How to Fix www.centurylink.net Email Login Error?

In this guide, you will find 9 fixes to troubleshoot the CenturyLink email login com problems. These fixes are very simple. Each one of you can go through these fixes. And then apply them easily to get the login errors resolved like a pro.

Fix 1: CenturyLink Account Password Stolen

If you have ever shared the password of your CenturyLink email account with anyone, then it may have been changed by that person. Also, if you use your CenturyLink email account on a shared system, then anyone may access it and steal it. 

CenturyLink secure email login will be an ideal fix for this problem. This requires you to use your own system or device for logging in instead of a shared one. You can also use the CenturyLink email login app. This is another secure form of logging in to your account. 

Fix 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Check Interent - centurylink net email login

CenturyLink email login com might not load at times. Therefore, you may not be able to log in to your CenturyLink account. You can check your internet connection when you see this problem. Any problems with your internet and even its slow speed can hinder access to your CenturyLink email account. 

If your internet is at fault for the CenturyLink login error, then connect with your internet service provider to get the problem fixed quickly. 

Fix 3: Ensure Correct CenturyLink Account Credentials

The CenturyLink email login homepage may show you an error when the account credentials entered by you may not be correct. You may be entering either your username or account password incorrectly. Another possibility is that you may have changed your password recently but may have been trying to use an old one to sign in. 

Before you attempt webmail CenturyLink net email login, always ensure that your username and password have been correctly filled in. 

Fix 4: Disable Antivirus of Your System

If you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, laptop or any other such device, then you can disable it for some time. The CenturyLink email login home page might not load or may load slowly when there is any interference caused by the antivirus program of your system.

To troubleshoot this type of CenturyLink email login error, you can disable your system’s antivirus program temporarily. And then try to log in to your CenturyLink email account. If the antivirus was causing the error, then the problem will have been troubleshot now. 

Fix 5: Avoid Copying and Pasting Your Account Credentials

Many-a-times, the users of CenturyLink email keep their username and password saved in a document or notepad. They then copy their credentials and paste them on the CenturyLink email login page. When they do this, extra spaces get added to the username and password. Thus, a login error erupts. 

Resolving this problem is quite simple. Just open the login page of CenturyLink and type your credentials manually. Then press the login button. You will be granted access without any error. 

Fix 6: Avoid Automatic Login from Your Browser

When you use a personal system for www.centurylink.net email login, you may save your account credentials. While there may be no harm in saving your credentials on your personal system, this can cause problems when you have changed your account password. 

While your old password may have been saved on your browser, your account will require the recent one for logging in. So, remove the old password saved on your browser and use the recent one.

Fix 7: Change Your CenturyLink Password

When you don’t remember the correct password, you may see failure while you try CenturyLink embarqmail email login. This is a very usual problem. The best fix for this problem is to reset the password of your CenturyLink email account. 

Note: The procedure to change the password of your account for a successful CenturyLink embarqmail email has already been provided by us in one of the sections shown above. 

Fix 8: Ensure Correct Settings for CenturyLink Email Configuration

Another explanation to “Why my CenturyLink email login is showing an error” is the incorrect settings for the email configuration. Ensuring the correct settings for the servers will prevent you from seeing this problem. 

Fix 9: Update CenturyLink Email Login App

Are you using the CenturyLink email login app on your device? Many users find the app more convenient than using the browser. 

While there is no problem in using the app, not updating it can cause issues. Thus, we will suggest you update the application for CenturyLink on your device. Once the updates have been successfully made, you have to attempt CenturyLink secure email login. No login errors will be encountered now. 

Bottom Line

For both personal account and CenturyLink employee email login account, we discussed all the methods and fixes you need to know. From setting up your account to resolving the login errors, we have covered just about everything in this guide. 

Can we also help you with the CenturyLink email settings? We have authored the greatest guide for these settings. Read it now!

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