Cox Business Email POP3 & SMTP Server Settings

Cox Business Email POP3, SMTP & IMAP Settings

If you are running a business and are wondering what cox business email server settings are then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take you through the steps involved in using Cox for business purposes.

Cox Business Email IMAP, SMTP, POP3 Server Settings

To set up a cox email server settings for the business email follow these steps:-

  • Log into your Cox Account
  • Go to settings
  • In the incoming mail server column, make sure is mentioned and Port is set to 995.
  • For outgoing mail servers, should be used and port value should be 465.
  • For Imap mail servers, use:- and port value should be 993.
  • The webmail address should reflect
  • In the control panel option key in
  • Cox email MX record value should be
  • Maximum message size should not be more than 40 MB
  • 10,000 is the maximum number of email an account can hold regardless of the size of the mail.
  • 2 GB is the maximum amount of data a particular account can hold.
  • Use your Cox email address as the full username.
  • You should use plain text or pop before using SMTP settings for the authentication method.

Cox Business Email POP3 Settings

To configure your Cox business Pop email settings follow these steps.

  • Open your Cox account.
  • Click on settings.

In the incoming server column enter these values:-

  • Account Type should be POP
  • In ‘incoming server’ enter
  • The port value should be 995
  • Enter your username
  • Connection security should be SSL/TLS
  • For authentication, use your password.

In the Outgoing server column enter the following values:-

  • Server name should be
  • The POP value should be 465
  • Enter your user name.
  • Use SSL/TLS as a security certificate
  • Use your default password as authentication

Cox Business Email SMTP Settings

To configure your Cox business email SMTP settings follow these steps.

  •  Go to settings
  • In COX IMAP incoming mail server enter the following details: enter the port value as 993
  • should be entered in the SMTP outgoing mail server.

To configure Cox News server enter one of the following:-

  • For East coast enter:
  • For West coast  enter:

We are very confident that after going through this article you will have no problems in setting up your Cox Email Business account.

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