Fix Outlook Search Syntax 501 Error

Outlook Search Syntax 501 Error For Mac

Outlook is an application software that functions as a personal organizer. Although Microsoft Outlook is often used as an email service, it is designed to serve many other purposes such as calendar, task manager, contact manager, web browsing and many more.

Often times, when trying to send an email In Outlook, 501 error occurs. Some of the significant causes of outlook syntax error 501 are maybe due to: 

  • Corrupt download or an incomplete download of Microsoft Outlook software
  • When a software related to Microsoft Outlook has been recently installed or uninstalled
  • Windows System files infected with virus malware.
  • When another software mistakenly deleted Outlook related files.

Outlook Search syntax 501 error can be caused by different factors. So before fixing it, it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem to take the required steps.

How To Know If There is A Search Syntax 501 Error In Outlook?

  • When you are working on something online, and suddenly the active program window crashes, it is because of ‘Error 501’.
  • The computer system crashes while running the same program again and again.
  • ‘Outlook Express Error 501’ appears.
  • Windows run relatively slow. Slow response to any kind of command put through mouse or keyboard.
  • The computer system freezes up or lags behind.

How To Fix 501 Syntax Error In Parameters Or Arguments Outlook

When you experience a 501 error while running Microsoft on your devices, you can perform some troubleshooting steps, to resolve the search syntax 501 error. 

  1. Repair registry entries: This process should be done by well-trained professionals; it is widely recommended. Trying to resolve the issue by incorrectly repairing registry entries on your own can, a simple error like misplacing a comma can stop the computers functioning completely.
  2. A complete scan of the system for any malware: Malware can be downloaded from any kind of websites. Once downloaded, malware can infect computers, making the files damaged, corrupted. It is extremely important to run a full system scan for malware.
  3. Get rid of system junk: When you keep browsing the web and use the computer on a daily basis, temporary files are being stored in the hard drive, which is often termed as junk files. When there is an overload of junk files, there is a chance that you might get Error 501 then too. To get rid of such junk files, you should perform a disk cleanup.
  4. Update device drivers: Sometimes 501 error occurs due to old, outdated device drivers as well. Updating device drivers from time to time, that helps not only with 501 Syntax Error In Parameters Or Arguments Outlook but also with different driver-related issues.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Outlook programs: Uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook programs associated with the error is another way to solve the said problem.
  6. Update Windows: Whenever a new Windows update is available, updating the Windows software makes sure the 501 error doesn’t occur.

Performing every troubleshooting steps might help to solve the problem. If you are still not able to send the email, check the email address. When in Outlook if an email address is copied and pasted on the address bar, the quotations are included while copying. Try removing the quotations, and this might help in solving the error.

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