Yahoo Email Not Working

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Just like many email service providers, Yahoo is also not perfect. If you are also facing difficulties with your Yahoo email on your PC Or Mac, and suspect something is going wrong, then you are at the right spot as we are going to share a brief troubleshooting guide with you so that you can find the answer to why is my Yahoo email not working, and easily fix the Yahoo email not working issue on your own. So, keep on reading.

Ways to Fix the Yahoo Email Not Working on iPhone

You may require disabling the ad blocker before anything. After this, refresh the page. It is because some adblocking software or tool can stop websites from loading the page properly. If this problem persists, then check out the guide below to learn more about the troubleshooting methods.

If your Yahoo Mail is slow or the Menus and Buttons are Not Working

The chances are quite higher that this issue is related to your internet browser. If you are using a laptop or desktop, then you should make sure that you are using a compatible browser with the Yahoo email i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc. In addition to this, you should always use the most recent and updated version of the browser to keep the Yahoo email spam filter not working or the new Yahoo email not working issue at bay. Besides, the issues may also be associated with the internet connection. So, run a speed test to check if other sites are working properly or only Yahoo is creating problems. If all the websites are slow, restart your router. Moreover, clear the cache files, history, and cookies to improve the speed.

If you are Facing Issues while signing in

If you are using Yahoo mail on a new device, then you might face several issues. You have to verify your details before using the device. Your account will also be locked for 12 hours if you have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in. In case you suspect your account is hacked, then choose “FORGET PASSWORD” to change your password and solve the Yahoo pop email not working issue.

If you are Not Able to Send Mails

This generally happens when you make any mistake while logging in. When you successfully send any email, it will appear in the SENT folder. So, you should check there if it is in that folder or not. If it is not there, you must check the DRAFT folder at least once. In addition to this, you should double-check the spelling of the email address of the recipient to ensure that you have sent the mail to the right person. Besides, check if you have blocked that address or not! Last but definitely not least, ask the receivers to check the SPAM folder too. In case Yahoo email is not working on iPhone or other devices, you must get in touch with the professional team of your email service provider to get adequate solutions.

If you are Not Able to Get Emails

First and foremost, you should send a blank email to yourself to check if the issue is with a certain email address or with your account only. Before finding the answers/solutions to Yahoo email not working on iPhone 5, or Yahoo disposable email not working, check the filters, spam folders, and blocked lists of email addresses to ensure everything is OKAY from your end. If nothing looks amiss, ask the sender once to verify their email address or share the email address in writing to avoid mistakes and resolve that my Yahoo email is not working.

In case the ‘Yahoo email not working’ issue still persists, get in touch with the professional tech support team to get the right assistance and guidance in no time. You can also find here a complete guide for How to Change Yahoo Email Password.

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