How to make an automatic Email response in Outlook

How to make an automatic Email response in Outlook

Automatic email response, an automatic email response system when you are out!!!

At the time when it is not feasible to always keep an eye over your incoming mails, there is a need for a default system that can check all incoming emails and subsequently acknowledge their senders about a successful receiving of the mails. In the wake of not being counted as a non –responsive person, this Automatic Email Response Outlook system comes quite handy and hence it is advising to have an automatic mail responding system which not only gives a quick response to the senders but also makes you agile in the age of communication. 

How to set up an automatic Email response in Outlook

An Automatic Email Response is a system that answers your all mails by default.  

It's a pre-scripted reply that is generated by the user using a software program to answer all incoming email messages. The software program works as an automatic email response that personified its users in their absence.

The Automatic Email response Outlook can be used as an effective marketing tool featuring some nicely crafted signatures leaving a good impression to the Email Senders. Besides, leaving a good of yours, the Automatic Email response system comes with a plethora of advantages: 

  1. It can please you at the EOD 

It is not always necessary to review each and every incoming email however, there are some mails that eventually can be beneficial for your organization or for your business profile. For Example, if some PR persons mailed you regarding some educational and promotional events which can be quite good to groom your profile, at that time, the ‘Automatic Email Response’ system plays a crucial role by personifying you as in your reply along with your signature. At the end of the day, when you see that you are registered for an important event, you can't resist yourself thanking your Automatic Email Response.

2. Works as an extra dose of marketing 

You can market your reach by using these automatic email responses, by using your social media handles hyperlinked tabs at the end of your signatures. These signatures eventually will increase the footfall of your social media platforms giving you huge data for further reference.

3. Infuse secondary conversions events

As you are responding to your mailers spontaneously by using your automatic email response, you always fall in a win-win situation to blend your response with some more sort of additional offers. These offers can be a free trial for your product or a link to a product demonstration holistically constituting an effective marketing strategy. 

As we are now well acknowledged with the efficacies of this interactive tool of Automatic email response system, all we need to how to use it in our emails by default. If you are using Gmail general emailing application, all you need to follow these below-mentioned steps for automatic email response outlook:

A. First of all, Log In to your Gmail Account, navigate at the right-hand corner of the setting tab, where you will click on "Advanced" which eventually a list of all advanced settings on the dashboard. Being on the same page, you need to find "Canned Responses" by scrolling down. 

B. In the second step, you need to compose a new message which will be your automatic email responding message by default.  By Clicking on the Options menu, you will be lead to find as the three-dotted icon down in the lower right corner,

C. Heading into the second step, you need to compose a new message. The step prompts as you click on the option menu-the three-dotted icon lying on the lower right-hand corner which directs you to " The Canned Responses" option. Just Click New canned response, and give a new title.

automatic email response

D. Moving ahead into a final step, all you need to automated response content in a new message box following saving the content as in your new response.

Finally, your automatic mail response is ready to be used which will be accessible from the canned responses dropdown menu. In the future, now there won’t be any need to reply every incoming by you as your automatic mail response will answer all those emails by default.

Talking about another email application that is widely used in the corporate sectors at present, Microsoft Outlook retains way more inclusive features including calendar and contacts. If you want to generate an automatic email response system to your Outlook application, we have segregated a few easy to follow steps:-

Automatic email response outlook 2013

Steps for automatic email response outlook 2013

  1. As you open Outlook, you need to go to the File Menu pointing to a New tab, then click Mail Message 
  2. You will find Options tab next to where you need to head into which is followed by clicking Plain text
  3. In the message body, just type whatever you want as in your automated reply
  4. Going into the message window, click the Microsoft  Office Button and then go for Save As
  5. As you click on the ‘Save As’ option, in the Save As type list, you need to click Outlook Template(*.oft)
automatic email response
  1. In the  final process, before saving type a name for your  message template, and then you can save your automatic email response

Finally, you have created an automatic email response on your Outlook, and you are all set to go. Now, in the wake of running your automatic emails response system, you need to follow these below-mentioned steps:

  1. By going on your outlook’s Tools menu, click Rules and Alerts
  2. In the Rules and Alerts box, you need to click on New Rule
  3. Now, when you have got your Automatic Emails Response’ active, further process asks you to specify to whom and when do  you want your ‘Automatic Emails Response’ following a few general queries including :
  1. Under Which condition(s) do you want to check?
  2. Under what do you want to do with the message?

Things to consider before creating such an automatic email response systems to your mails;-

  1. Altered email Address

Automatic email response uses a slightly different mail while auto replying to the filtered email senders. For instance, if your mail id is, in reply the system may be using It should be noted, despite the system uses altered mail id to response, you can use your original mail id without any problem.

  1. Attachment of file:

You can't send an attachment as in automatic emails response; however, you

can do so manually while sending media like images and other stuff. Having marked these limitations, you can infuse rich text formatting like bold and italics which can be sent as in automatic emails response without any technical glitches. After reading this article, if you are still lying in the middle of nowhere to get a solid solution for your in-active Automatic Email Response Outlook, then we will suggest getting in touch with our EmailsFix expert professionals. You can get an interactive troubleshooting session with our professionals through the chat process.

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