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gmail not receiving emails

Is your Gmail account not receiving emails? Then you should not worry about it. We have got you a complete guide right here to fix issues related to Gmail not receiving or sending emails. 

Well, Gmail can sometimes experience a number of failures out of which Gmail account not receiving emails is very common. So if you too have this ‘why is my Gmail not receiving emails’ question on your mind, then the following guide will come in handy. Stay tuned and follow all the solutions mentioned below and directions to get rid of the Gmail not receiving emails problems.

Other issues caused by Gmail not receiving emails problem:

  • You are able to send emails through your account but unable to receive any emails in the inbox.
  • You are not able to receive any mail at all through your Gmail account.
  • No more emails are being sent or received through your Gmail account.

Reasons why are you not receiving emails from Gmail

If you have the my Gmail is not receiving emails question on your mind, then there can be a variety of reasons behind it. Some of which are the following:

  • The incoming emails are being sent to another folder or destination by the set email filters.
  • The storage of your Gmail account is full.
  • The Gmail forwarding settings are enabled.
  • The Gmail server is not in sync with the browser or mail.

Now, let’s move ahead with the possible solutions to fix the Gmail not receiving emails problem.

Solution 1: Check your Gmail account’s storage

If your Gmail account is unable to receive any new emails, first look for the available storage capacity.

We are all aware that Google provides 15 GB of cloud storage to all its users including drive, images, and mailbox. When you run out of the space, you will obviously stop receiving any new email whatsoever.

You must always keep a check on your Gmail account’s available storage space. You must uninstall the unused files, images, and emails from the browser if your Gmail account is showing storage is full.

You can also use the paid cloud storage feature by Google to get more storage space.

Solution 2: Remove all the email filters

Is your Gmail not receiving emails on the inbox? Check your spam or junk folders to see if your emails are going directly into these folders. If this is the case, then your email filters are active somewhere transferring your emails to the junk or spam folders.

You must use the following steps to get all your new emails directly into your inbox: 

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Now, on top of the mailbox, hit the Gear icon (mail settings) button and then select the settings.
  • Hit the filters and mail address tab that you will find under the settings menu.
  • In the end, select all filters and hit the delete button.

Solution 3: Make sure to turn off the Gmail forwarding settings

It is one of the most popular reasons behind your Gmail account not receiving emails. 

People sometimes unknowingly turn on the forwarding settings of their Gmail account.

As a result, you stop receiving emails to your  inbox. These emails are sent directly to the given email address.

To disable the Gmail forwarding settings, go through the following steps: 

  • Firstly, go to your Gmail account settings.
  • Now you need to select the forwarding & POP / IMAP settings.
  • If you spot any email address there  in the forwarding section, hit the the remove account option.
  • Save the setting finally by hitting on the Save button.

Solution 4: Optimize your browser

The browser issue can be one of the reasons if your Gmail not receiving emails. If it is outdated or can’t work with expired cookies, then it obviously will create problems. 

All you got to do is just use another browser to see if you can log in to your account. If you spot your emails right there, you know who’s the culprit. It is time to reset and update your browser.

Chrome Reset Guide: 

  • Firstly, you need to open the Chrome app, type chrome://settings and then hit enter.
  • Hit the advanced button.
  • Now scroll down and hit the restore settings.

Firefox Reset Guide: 

  • Firstly, go to firefox and then click on the help option.
  • Hit the troubleshooting information button.
  • Click on Refresh Firefox.

Safari Reset Guide: 

  • Go to the safari icon that is available on the dock menu.
  • Hit the reset safari button.
  • Click yes on the confirmation message.

Solution 5: Check if there’s any issue with your Google server status

It does not always happen. However, server issues do not let you receive emails on your Gmail account.

There is no way you can receive new emails on your Gmail account if the server is weak and down. So the piece of advice is to check whether there is any issue or not. 

You can visit the down detector or outage report page to check the status of Gmail servers in your locality.

Solution 6: Turn on the IMAP or POP server settings

If you are not receiving emails and also receiving the POP or IMAP server failure message, then there is something wrong with the IMAP or POP server settings for sure. Maybe they are not enabled.

Enable the server settings using the following steps: 

  • Go to the Gmail settings.
  • Select forwarding & IMAP/POP settings.
  • Enable the IMAP or pop server.

Solution 7: Enable the keep Gmail’s copy in inbox option

  • Return to your Gmail account’s POP/IMAP settings.
  • There you will spot the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose the keep Gmail’s copy in inbox button and click on Save.

Solution 8: Check if there is any issue with your system’s antivirus and firewall settings

If you are unable to receive emails via mail apps from your Gmail account. The computer security programs may be the culprit. You will have to check them.

Most likely, the security programs installed on your system are creating connection problems. As a result, you are not able to receive emails on your Gmail account.

Disable the firewall and antivirus settings for a while and then refresh all your mail files.

So, these were the general solutions that can help you to fix the Gmail not receiving emails problem. 

What to do if your Gmail Account is not receiving emails on iPhone?

Now let’s head towards the steps that you need to proceed with if Gmail not receiving emails on the iPhone. 

Often Gmail issues such as not receiving emails happen on the iPhone because of several reasons. However, you can prevent these problems by fixing the incorrect configuration of your Gmail and iPhone. Just follow the below-given steps.

  • The first move is to see the internet connection before you take any technological step ahead.
  • Turning to the next move, you will need to ensure that your Gmail account settings are perfectly correct.
  • Then the Settings option must be selected and then the Accounts and Passwords option has to be chosen.
  • In the end, just click on your email account and then go to the email delivery option under the Account. Now you can have a look at the default settings you need to use for your Gmail account.

In the above article, we have provided the users with all the possible solutions to get rid of the Gmail not receiving emails problem. The solutions are tried and tested ones, your Gmail account will work perfectly after you have followed the stepwise solutions as given here. But in case you are still not able to receive emails on your Gmail account, just reach out to us through the live chat service and raise your query and concerns. Our technical team is available 24*7 to provide the users with perfect solutions for the issues and errors they encounter.
Apart from Gmail not receiving emails problem, users also complain about Gmail not working at all. Worry not, we have also covered a separate guide that will help you if your Gmail is not working properly.  

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